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Ciklum provides dedicated service to our clients starting from the initial request to the final stages of development and 24/7 support. We are a global company with 7 offices in Ukraine.

From our main office in Kiev we conduct our sales & communication policy and provide hiring support.

They specialize in programming and project management for various types of projects and assure timely delivery of diverse technological innovations for our customers.

We are hiring more than 40 specialists per month due to our strong HR team. We invest in education and training of our staff to ensure high quality of our services and effective communication between our programmers and clients.

We prove to be the reliable partner to our clients. Ciklum prides itself for very low staff turnover and the fact that we hardly lose any of our clients!

We have 70+ ongoing projects. Over the years company has made it into TOP 5 Software Development Companies in Ukraine.
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